​​​Now with my eye on the future, my goals are to grow the rental business by partnering up with local wineries, restaurants and hotels. In addition to that I will be adding custom frame building into my product mix. So whether you are a beginner or an industry veteran we have something in common: The BIKE, so come on by and let's talk bikes.


about US

I LOVE BIKES! For the first thirty three years of my life bikes were my center. I started my career as a shop rat and worked my way up to manager. Most of the bike shops I worked at were in the Sacramento area and the Sierra foothills. In addition to retail experience I worked at Nova Cycle Supply and Sinclair Imports as well as Volagi Cycles and Ventana Mountain Bikes.  With close to three decades of  experience I gained a lot of knowledge. In my spare time I learned the craft of custom frame building. With the contacts from Nova Cycles I had some of the best in the business to learn from. In 2002 with a young family I gave up the bicycle industry dream and sold out for a pay check. So we left the Sierras and made our way to Sonoma County. After being away from bicycles professionally for ten years I rekindled my dream of owning my own shop. It was time to do it my way. I chose to start small and grow the business. In 2012 got the necessary insurance and licenses to go into business. Starting in my garage I saw enough potential to go bigger.

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